In the 20,000 or so days between your birth and death your keepers tried to compress your giant spirit into a consumable easy to digest product. Even your name was a way to reduce you into a kid-friendly version of the bold wild bull you were born to be.  Inside your cell you could hear the children screaming your name. You could smell the sweet greasy elephant ears and see the paper elephant ears perched on visitors heads. In every way you were commodified and packaged for resale, books, t-shirts, your birthday cake every April another surefire gimmick to increase ticket sales. 

For 54 years, you were subjected to bullhooks, chaining, sperm extraction, and zoonotic disease. Yet at every turn you defied their attempts to harness you, to mold you, to shrink you to fit their space and expectations.

You refused to docilely bend to their will - by kicking at the doors of your cell, by asserting your machisimo against your keepers and the elephants who dared to enter your realm. The price you paid was a life in isolation. 

But despite all their efforts to make you small and compliant, you stayed who you are, you stayed who you really should have been named for--Lord Shiva,  in honor of your sacred ancestral heritage.

And now your brave majestic soul is free at last. Free to trumpet to all the others freed from bondage.

Run free run wild. 

No zoo can ever encage your great spirit again.