The International Free the Elephants Conference & Film Festival was dedicated to the memory of Packy and to a great friend of Packy and all elephants, Dame Daphne Sheldrick,
co-founder of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. 

dame daphne 2.jpg

Lisa Kane read this statement from Dame Daphne:

"About elephants, and having been instrumental in hand-rearing over 200 orphaned elephant calves and offering them a quality of life in wild terms when grown, I can authoritatively say that emotionally and expected longevity they are just like us but better than us in many other ways such as caring and forgiveness and endowed with many other mystical abilities we have yet to fully understand."

Thanks to our stellar list of speakers and panelists and everyone who joined us at the conference in Portland. We so enjoyed meeting and networking with you all. We look forward to many more opportunities to connect and support your efforts for elephants around the world. Please join our World Elephant Alliance by sending us an email to add you to our directory, and let's keep the momentum going. 

Courtney Scott, Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE)


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Comments About the Conference

"It was my absolute pleasure to be at such a wonderful conference, huge congratulations on achieving something so impressive." 
                                                                  - Sarah Blaine, co-founder, Mahout Elephants Foundation

"The energy at the conference was magical and gave me hope for the Elephants and for all of us sharing this planet!"
    - Kiersten Cluster, board member, The Kerulos Center, Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles

"Thank you for your loving, compassionate hearts, hard work, and determination in putting together the most comprehensive, life changing conference/film festival that has ever come to Portland!"
                                                                       - Lisa Brisley, Organizer, Global March for Elephants

"Immense gratitude for hosting this wonderful conference. The Council of Beings on Sunday, lead by our amazing Deena Metzger, touched me profoundly. It was such a special way to envelope the rich weekend in love, peace and compassion, while authentically expressing our own pain and suffering. The amazing weekend organized by FOZE also made me realize that the world needs to receive this diverse knowledge, so they can embody the truth. And we, the elephant advocates, need to leverage the power of the media so the information is disseminated widely. I appreciated the opportunity to share some ideas on harnessing the influential media."
                                                                     - Sangita Iyer, producer & director, Gods in Shackles


"Thank you for inviting me to speak at such a sparkling, interesting, and important conference!"
                                                                          - Steve Wise, Attorney, Non Human Rights Project

"Love. That's the feeling I experienced over and over again in the crowd over the weekend. It was said a time or two that the elephants were with us in that room and I added my wish that that was true. ...the bond that was built for all of us in attendance over the weekend was undeniable."
                                                                                              - Larry Laverty, Wildlife Photographer

"Beautiful work you all are doing and what a shift you ware and have made to the consciousness which surrounds Elephant Wellness and Self-Determination."
                                          - Gay Bradshaw, executive director & founder, The Kerulos Center

"It was a truly memorable experience-and only the beginning I feel, where hopefully collaborating with the wonderful people I met is set in motion."
                                                                                                       - Colleen Plumb, Installation Artist

"It flowed smoothly and every detail was covered."
                                                      - Alyne Fortgang, co-founder, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo

"Thank you so much for everything. The conference changed my life."
                                                            - Ever Chinoda, Attorney, Founder, Speak Out for Animals